National Alliance of Crime Victims & Survivors

Initiated by Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice, NACVS is an alliance of crime victims and survivors working in both organizational and institutional capacities. Through a continuum of legal aid, rights advocacy and restorative justice, NACVS strives to create cultures of justice and accountability when violence hits our societies. 

What it aims to achieve

Founded on the principles of restorative justice, the NAVS aims the following:

  • To build alliances of individuals and organizations acting for the justice of crime victims and survivors
  • To advocacy for accountability of offenders in the event of crime and violence
  • To provide spaces for healing and support for victims and survivors
  • To bring in community as an important stakeholder in events of crime and violence in both owning the incident and in transforming itself as infrastructures for positive peace

 What you can do

  • If you are a victim or survivor: You can drop in to avail our legal and restorative justice services. We will also be to network you with others who have experienced similar violence and abuse, and with whom you can form friendships that can support you.
  • If you know a victim or survivor: Please refer them to our services if you think they will benefit.

All services will be provided pro bono


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NACVS Coordinator: Mobile: +977 9818306676